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More About Our Caregiving Course

This is no ordinary caregiving course. On top of both the theory and practical hands-on internationally certified caregiving training, you are going to receive 10 FREE NURSING UNITS AND CERTIFICATES!!! This gives you a MASSIVE ADVANTAGE when you start your caregiving career. By giving you access to 10 additional nursing units and corresponding certificates, you will gain a major competitive advantage in the search for a job as a caregiver, with our graduates often going on to earn an average of 4 times the entry-level salary.

Once you have successfully qualified, you may be added to our SA job placement programme if you wish! Keep reading on the next page to find out more about our international UK placement programme!

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It does not matter where in the course you begin. There is not necessarily a beginning or an end. All the units and modules are taught on a rotating timetable, meaning that no matter where and when you begin, you will cover all the content.

Caregiving Course Curriculum


If you select the UK programme, then you must also select this course because the caregiving course covers all the fundamental concepts of basic yet comprehensive health care.

Course Fee: R15,000

  • The total course fee is R15,000.
  • You may pay in installments of R3,000 per month.
  • You will only be allowed to take your final exam and earn your certificate once you have paid in full.
  • You may also pay by cash or card at the college. If you pay the full amount of R15,000 upfront in cash, then you earn a 10% discount! This means that you only pay R13,500.

Course Duration: 3 Months

    • The 3 categories of human needs: Physical, emotional and social
    • The 13 points of the benefits of exercise including the influence on the brain (mental health exercise)
    • The 14 points of the benefits of hydration
    • Nutrition with the world-leading Michael Greger
    • Being able to compile a perfect plate of food
    • Understanding mental illness
    • Comparing the functioning of a normal brain with that of an Alzheimer’s brain
    • Being able to observe and understand the difference between subjectivity and objectivity
    • Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia
    • Understanding cancer and treatments
    • Understanding Diabetes 1 and 2
    • The development of Romidepsin and HIV cure
    • Hepatitis: A, B, C, D, E.
    • Understanding blood pressure and treatments: high blood pressure and the influence on the organs. Low blood pressure and the influence on the body. Prevention and lifestyle changes.
    • Stroke: understanding, prevention and treatments
    • Differences between contagious and infectious diseases
    • Cholesterol: understanding, prevention, cure.
    • Auto immune diseases (studied SLE)
    • Lifestyle and lifestyle changes to enhance healthy living
    • Blindness and Deafness
  • 10 Nursing Certificates, 2 Main Caregiving Certificates

    • Common cardiac conditions – certificate
    • Common Respiratory Conditions – certificate
    • Common GI disorders – certificate
    • Client-Centered care – certificate
    • Helping clients with mobility – certificate
    • Understanding pain management – certificate
    • Perineal and catheter care – certificate
    • Basic first aid – Certificate
    • CPR update – Certificate
    • End of life – Certificate
    • 2 Main caregiving certificates
  • Heading Practical Hands-On Work

    • Bedpan handling, feeding a patient, assisting/partially helping a client to eat
    • Helping a patient in and out of a bed, into a wheelchair and back into bed
    • Assisting a patient to move out of a wheelchair to go to the bathroom and back into the wheelchair
    • Moving the bedridden patient at regular intervals into supine, prone and sims positions
    • Helping the client perform a range of motion exercises (passive, active assistive, active, resistive and isometric) and understanding the importance thereof
    • The taking of vitals: pain, oxygen saturation, temperature, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure
    • Shaving, dental and denture care. Understanding patient care, chemotherapy and dental care Understanding stomatitis and trench mouth. Inspection of the mouth and reporting on abnormalities. Role of nutrition in the prevention of mouth and dental problems.
    • Decubitus: understanding of prevention, cure, washing and dressing of decubitus


    • Helping a client to walk with a walker – no injuries
    • Helping a client to walk with a walker – knee injury
    • Helping a client to walk with a walker – hip replacement
    • Helping a client to walk with a quad cane or cane
    • Helping a client to walk without any equipment
    • Moving a client with a gait belt
    • Moving a client withdrawal sheet

    Fall Prevention

    • Learning fall prevention and helping somebody who is falling
    • Understanding Incontinence
    • Understanding bathroom safety and equipment

    Understanding of Incontinence

    • Diaper/incontinence brief change of adult
    • Different types of preventative measures are available
    • Understanding of incontinence

    Personal Care: Bathing, Toileting

    • Normal bath and shower, bed bath, shower, sponge bath.
    • Understanding of bathroom safety and equipment
    • Personal and hygiene equipment. Skin ageing and product safety.
    • Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients bathing and resisting personal care
    • The layout of room and bathroom
    • How to get the client involved and happy

    Personal Safety Equipment

    • Hand washing with donning and duffing
    • PPE (gloves, goggles, scrubs, apron, clogs, face mask)
    • Gloves lesson
    • Health acquired infections

    Patient Needs and Communication

    • How to communicate and understand the patient better
    • Signs of depression


    • Adult, child, and baby
    • Main caregiving course certification (internationally certified and accredited)
    • In-class training covering theory and practicals
    • International license to practice caregiving
    • Assistance with local placement
    • Letter of recommendation and transcript of records once the course has been completed and all the assessments passed successfully
    • Assistance with the process of finding employment abroad( if you select the UK programme)
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